The Bare Naked Truth of What it Looks Like
Behind the Scenes at Team OBM

Join Tina Forsyth and Tiffany Johnson (Tina's OBM)
Aug 16, 2012
4:00pm Eastern / 1:00pm Pacific

During the call we will be pulling the curtain back on what it looks like to work as an OBM.. the good (exeptionally good), the bad (not all that bad) and the ugly (well sometimes).

Tina will be interviewing her own OBM Tiffany Johnson to see what her journey has been to this point in her creating her business and working with high level entrepreneurs as an OBM.

Tiffany will share some of her personal wins and losses as she has plowed the ground in this emerging industry. She will share the day to day details of running a multi leveled revenue generating business.

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AND.. if you have questions we welcome them! At the end of the call Tina and Tiffany will be answering questions that have been posted on the OBM Facebook page (link on next page).

Here's to your success,

Tina ForsythTina Forsyth 
Business Leverage Expert 
Author of Becoming an Online Business Manager 
Founder of the International 
Association of Online Business Managers

Tiffany JohnsonTiffany Johnson 
Certified Online Business Manager 
OBM Mentor and Coach